As a wedding photographer in Scotland, it can sometimes be a challenge to plan and prep for a wedding shoot. Rain gear or summer suit? Wellies or ballet pumps? Photos in the woodlands or indoors all the way? We tend to have an in-case-of-rain-Plan-B (and C and D…) in case the weather doesn’t do as it is told.
For Jo and Ross’ wedding day, it looked like Plan B was required, as the weather report promised full-on rain all day. Rain coat, umbrellas and lens cloths were packed, but when we arrived, there was no hint of rain, so it was back to the warm-Scottish-spring-day-Plan-A!

As we headed to South Queensferry, the sky was starting to look ominous, but thankfully it stayed dry for our shoot by the Forth Rail Bridge.

Back at Orocco Pier some of the wedding guests were propping up the bar with old friends…

…while others were busy making new friends.


The newlyweds were piped to their table.

Some of the younger guests decided the wedding cake needed more decorations.

Jo and Ross, we were so pleased to be able to share your big day with you – we wish you lots of love and a long, happy marriage together.

We look forward to showing you the rest of the photos when you are back from your honeymoon!

Ditte & Chris