Alice and Jeremy had put a lot of effort into finding the perfect venue for their wedding, and it certainly paid off.
When Alice and her family woke up in a hunting lodge in the grounds of Blair Castle there was a fine layer of snow covering the ground and the sun was peeking through the clouds – the perfect weather for a Scottish Winter Wedding.
While Alice and her family shared lunch in the lodge, Jeremy and his ushers and three best men lunched in Dunkeld – there they met a couple who were married in Dunkeld two years earlier and had returned to celebrate their anniversary there. Clearly remembering their own happy day, they came over to congratulate Jeremy and put £20 in the drinking kitty for later that evening!
After the very emotional service in Dunkeld Cathedral, we went to the ruined part of the cathedral to take a few photos. To keep warm, Alice wore a soft white cloak over her beautifully embroidered dress (bought in New York, along with her mother Sarah’s dress).
Back at Blair Castle, guests were treated to champagne and canapes in the grand rooms of the castle and dinner and dancing in the Ballroom.