Frida, reader

Posted on 20 February, 2014 by Ditte under Photography
My darling daughter is now nearly 11 months and she loves books.

Tired and grumpy? Pass her a book.
Wants to play with the remote control? Swap it for a book.
Won’t lie still for nappy change? Give her a book.

I really hope she will carry this love of books with her always.

2 thoughts on “Frida, reader”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am delighted to have found some photos of your Frida. She is gorgeous! My Freida is also a lover of books and I share your sentiment that I hope it continues. It was a real pleasure to have met you at Jade and Andrew's wedding. Katy.

    1. Ditte says:

      Likewise, it was such a pleasure to meet your little Freida – clearly the names original Nordic meaning of "beautiful, beloved" is spot on!

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