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Posted on 26 July, 2011 by Ditte under Photography
Sometimes you have to travel half way around the world to find the perfect person to marry. Melanie, who is originally from Australia, met the love-of-her-life Paul when she came to Edinburgh, and their wedding day helped to seal the bond between their Aussie and British friends and family.
Melanie and Paul both love Scottish history and Scottish castles, so getting married at Balgonie was the perfect choice for them. With a Scottish Laird overseeing the day, a spiritual ceremony with vows written by the bride and groom and an owl playing a important part in their ceremony, this was a wedding steeped in traditions, new and old.
Melanie started her day with her two best friends at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.

Paul and his ushers also started their day in the Balmoral Hotel before travelling up to Balgonie Castle.

The chapel at Balgonie Castle has no electrical lights and only very small windows. Lit only by candles, the atmosphere is almost medieval.


The couple’s wedding rings were delivered to the Best Man by an owl!

“I promise I will love you and cook for you every day”…

A hand fasting ritual was part of the spiritual ceremony.

Lighting a Candle of Unity.

A brief break in the rain allowed guests to shower the new Mr & Mrs King in confetti!

…and then back inside the chapel and castle for a few shots of the newlyweds, while the rain poured down.



The Great Hall, which still retains its original 14th century features was used for the wedding meal.




Melanie and Paul, we are so glad you had the wedding of your dreams. We loved being part of it and capturing all the happiness and fun of the day.
We wish you lots of love and happiness together and look forward to showing you the rest of the photos soon!

4 thoughts on “Melanie & Paul, Balgonie Castle | Wedding Photography”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ditte and Chris, it was a pleasure to meet you on Mel and Paul's special day. You have captured the essence of the day with your magnificent photographs. Simply outstanding! Kind regards, Bec (Mel's unofficial bridesmaid) Shillington

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ditte and Chris, your photos of Melanie's wedding day are amazing. The photos remind me of
    how wonderfully romantic the whole day was. I don't think I have ever seen photos that conjure up the feeling of the event as well as these do. Congratulations!! Michelle Hansen

  3. Wow, what a nice wedding. I wonder how much does it cost to have this kind of weeding. And what amazed me is that the way the photographer captured the image, it was so beautiful. If it is okay, I would like to have this event be part of my photography essay for my report.

  4. It was my pleasure and honour to be the Minister for Melanie and Paul. Your wedding photography magically captured what was such a magical and unique day.
    Rev. Marie-Louise Jones

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