Olivia and Tim’s wedding was a true Scottish Winter Wedding; perfect white ground and the snow falling gently as guests arrived at the chapel at Glenalmond College.
The funny and heart-warming service was conducted by a good friend of Olivia’s family, with readings by three close friends.
We were slightly concerned about taking photographs of Olivia and Tim afterwards, as the snow was covering all the school grounds, but they were both great sports and happily posed and laughed their way through the photo session. Olivia even took her fur coat off so we were able to capture her stunning dress in all its glory.
We were all relieved when we safely arrived at the reception where guests were enjoying mulled wine and champagne in the beautifully decorated barnhouse building at Blue Sky.
The whole day was truly magical and full of lovingly thought-through details everywhere.
We hope Olivia and Tim have a fantastic honeymoon (Skiing in minus 25 degrees!) and we look forward to showing them all the pictures when they get back.