Lovely to see this picture from Clare and Ewan’s wedding at The Cruin nominated for Picture of the Month on the Wedding Community Blog 😊I’d be ever so grateful if you would head over and give it a vote (it’s image 10).

Wondering how I managed to light the couple in the image?
It’s a composite of two photos: One photo was taken using only ambient light, the other one was exactly the same, but had an off-camera flash lighting the couple on the pier.
I asked my lovely helper to stand on the pier and hold up a Profoto A1 speedlight, pointing it at the couple. 

For those interested, here are the camera settings I used: Canon 5d3, 24-70mm @ 33mm, f4.5, 1/200sec, ISO640

By merging the two photos, I was able to create a photo where the couple is lit, but the person holding the light has magically disappeared…
I find the easiest way for me to do this is to edit the two images in Lightroom and then open as layers in Photoshop. I will then choose the Auto-align the layers, add a mask to the top layer and paint out the elements I don’t want in the photo. 
It’s a bit more fiddly than just working with one image, but I do feel the results are worth it!

Below are the two photos used to create this image: