I’m thrilled to have won Picture of the Year 2021 with one of my images- what a fantastic way to start the new year!
This image of Anniek at Winton Castle has won Picture of the Year on The Wedding Community​!
The picture shows my bride Anniek on the morning of her wedding. I always suggest to brides that they schedule in 30 minutes for photos before they are due to leave, so we can calmly spend a little time creating some images. Too often it doesn’t happen – time is relative, and the hour before setting off to get married is swallowed up in the blink of an eye, and before anyone can say “Bridal Portrait” it’s time to leave.
For Anniek’s wedding she made sure to be ready in time, which meant we were able to take a little more time to make some portraits. This pocket of time is the best time to take these, before the dress has walked up a muddy path, the flowers started drooping, and while the hair and makeup is still looking perfect.
This is why this portrait makes me happy; not only because Winton Castle and Anniek take a wonderful photo, but also because I was allowed the time to make it.

Winton Castle is full of beautiful paintings from the Dutch golden age, and Anniek being Dutch, I had in my head the idea that I wanted to try to create something painterly, using window light, the way the Dutch masters painted.