I really enjoy finding inspiration from the work or approach of other photographers. The documentary aspect of wedding photography is one I am particularly passionate about. I love capturing moments that tell a bigger story. So last week I joined an online group of Documentary Wedding Photographers, to view and share images with other photographers who have the same approach. I was delighted to win “Photo of the Week” for the image I submitted!

Here is what the judge said about the image: “I really like the image as the fathers’ handshake represents the coming together of two families, not just the couple. I’m also quite partial to a vertically framed image, even though it seems out of fashion among DWP (Documentary Wedding Photographers) at the moment, and you’ve also accomplished a great storytelling image with a telephoto lens from the back of the ceremony room, which is no small feet! Love the elevated angle too.”

The image is from Caroline and Tony’s Signet Library wedding last year – you can see the full story here

Photo of the week, wedding photograph