I have been commissioned to photograph an exciting event later this year with a historic theme. As part of my research for the photography I have bought this rather fantastic 100-year-old photo album. The album itself is created with such amaing quality and craftmanship. Looking through it is just incredible with stories you can only guess at: Who are the people in the photos? Who was the recipient of the photo signed “With love, Ethel”?
Looking at the dress and style, the photos seem to span a few decades, and some have been taken out at some point.
I’m not a collector of vintage items, but I’m absolutely fascinated by this. Not least because I know the albums I create for our couples will be looked at and treasured 100 years from now be people who might not know who all the people in the photos are, but will know what their great-grandparents looked like when they were young and handsome.
With love, Ditte