We love creating beautiful albums for our clients.

Over the years we have done extensive research on album suppliers, album styles, materials, papers, printing etc.
We have learned design and lay-out skills to tell the best stories; retouching, colour correction and editing to present the images looking their best, and colour profiles and calibration to make sure what we see on our screens will translate perfectly to print.

This means that we are now able to offer a stunning range of personalised albums of an extremely high quality and craftsmanship.

Naturally, many parents and grandparents are keen to have a copy of the wedding album so we have created a range of parents’ albums to suit everyone, whether they are looking for a handbag-size book or a coffee table whopper…

Our parent album options

Option 1 – Our Parents’ Album; a copy of the primary wedding album
 An A4-sized album with the same images and layout at the main album. Offering great value for money, the parents’ album comes hardback cover as standard, but can be upgraded to any of our gorgeous cover options.
Also available in a cute A5 size – perfect for handbags or bridal party gifts, and popular as Christmas gifts for grandparents!
Option 2- An individually designed Storybook, Mounted album or GoBook
 For parents who would like to choose their own photos, rather than having a copy of the couple’s album we can of course create a completely unique album from our album range.
Many parents prefer the handy size of the GoBook, but for those wanting more of a showstopper, the Storybooks or Mounted albums fit the bill.
“We knew the pictures were fantastic, but seeing them printed in such a beautiful book and paper is truly breathtaking. “
-Liz & Gregor

Option 1: Parent albums as A4-sized copies of the primary album. Above are two different leather-bound parents’ album copies, next to the main album.

Option 1: A4-sized copies of the main album. The pictures above show main album and parents’ album copies, bound in linen (left) and suede (right)

Option 1: A copy of the primary album. Shown above are a leather-bound main album with a hardback parents’ album copy.

The flush-mounted albums can open perfectly flatly, which allows us to print images over the central margin to create visually stunning spreads. 

Option 2: An individually designed GoBook album. The GoBooks allow parents to make their own photo selection and album layout. Read more about the GoBook albums here

We have a large range of cover options, including several types of leather, suede, linen, fabric etc.
Click here to view some of our many cover options.

We were laughing recently that I had booked you for their wedding before they were engaged. The opening of the albums tonight confirmed beyond any doubt how good that decision was and how grateful we all are for the wonderful photographs and albums we all have.
Thank you so so much.

Jennifer, Mother of the Bride